Definitions In The World Of Bedding

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Common words and definitions used when describing bedding.

Duvet – European term for quilt. A sack filled with heat retaining materials eg down, hollowfibre etc. Can be used on it’s own with a cover, or placed on top of sheets or blankets, dependent on the level of warmth required.

Duvet Tog rating – how warm the duvet is. The higher the tog, the warmer the quilt.

Duvet Filling – what the filling is made out of. Eg feather, down, wool, synthetic or a mixture.

Outer – the material the outer is made out of.

Cambric proof – usually refers to the outer of the duvet. Cambric proof means that it will stop feathers and feather stalks from sticking out.

All seasons duvet – a duvet that provides various tog rating so that it can be used all year round. Usually consists of two duvets which can be buttoned together to provide one warm duvet or can be unbuttoned and used separately in warmer weather.

Duvet cover – the material used to go over the duvet.

Pillowcase – also known as a pillowslip.

Housewife pillowcase – a basic pillowcase that covers the pillow. Normally 50x75cm in the UK.

Oxford pillowcase – a basic housewife pillowcase that has “frill” around the edges.

Pillowsham – a pillowcase that can be (but not always) bigger then a housewife pillowcase and is largely used for decorative purposes.

Pillow protector – put on top of the pillow, before the pillowcase to provide extra protection for the pillow from spills, liquids etc.

Mattress protector – put on top of the mattress to provide extra protection for the mattress against spills, bodily fluids, dead skin cells etc.

Mattress topper – placed on top of the mattress to provide extra comfort for sleeping. Ideal when used with old or lumpy mattresses. Can be of various depths and fillings.

Thread count – the number of threads per square inch the material is made from. The higher the better.

Percale – the material has a minimum of 180 threads per square inch.

Decorative throw – usually placed at the end of the bed for decorative purposes – a bit like a runner.

Bedspread – used on top of the bed. Usually over blankets to provide a more decorative end result and an extra layer. Can be of varying sizes and normally the sides hang over the bed towards the floor.

Latex pillow filling – synthetic filling with superior bounce back and shape retaining properties.

Memory foam pillow filling – synthetic filling which reacts to weight and heat of the head to give the perfect support. Also known as visco-elastic

Back sleeper pillow – pillow suitable for people who sleep on their backs. Usually a slim and soft rated pillow.

Side sleeper pillow – pillow suitable for people who sleep on their side. Can be of varying depths and firmness to suit.

Front sleeper pillow – pillow suitable for people who sleep on their front. Usually a slim and soft rated pillow.

Continental pillow – pillow that is usually square (as opposed to oblong as in the UK).

Fibre length – the length of the fibre used to make the material. Some types of material eg Egyptian cotton, naturally have longer and stronger fibres which makes the material so soft and durable.

Warp and weft – name given to the direction of the threads. The warp threads run along the length of the material and weft threads run from side to side.

Junior/toddler bed size duvet covers – smaller then a single size, but bigger than a standard cot. Size is usually 120x150cm.

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